Trek MTB crank/cassette help

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Dec 16, 2005
I have a bottom of the line Trek 3500 that is a few years old. I am starting to use it more frequently and the gears are not deep enough. I am wondering what gears I need to get so I can go faster.

Right now the specs on the bike are Crank Shimano M151 48/38/28 Cassette Shimano TZ31 13-34, 7 speed.

Thanks in advance.
48-13 is pretty tall for todays standards. If not try a 11 or 12 tooth cogset. I hope you are going downhill both ways to need taller gearing.
Usually at this level its more cost effective to but a new bike than change stuff. But other than that, try to find an 11-32 cassette, in 7 speed (which will be hard) and that's about it. You probably have one piece cranks so changing the chain rings isn't an option.
You'd probably be better off finding a 1 or 2 year old bike and you'll be much happier. Other than that, where are you struggling?
Growing up I did road bikes, road racing, road commuting etc...That has been awhile ago. I remember being able to pedal down a hill pretty hard not having to worry about over-spinning, I could switch into a harder gear to keep up my speed.

With my present bike as soon as I start going down and hill before I know it I am in the tallest gear and over-spinning and cannot go any faster.


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