Transmission X brace?

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Oct 25, 2013
South Carolina
Is there a logical reason why my vehicle doesn't have a transmission cross member? Beside that a PO took it off and didn't put it back. 1977 fj45 Aussie RHD. IT doesn't even have the brackets for it. I've only seen these in diagrams. If any one has a photo of their's please let me know.

Up until 8/80 there was only motor mounts on the bellhousing of gas engine FJ4X. Transmission transfer hung off the bellhousing with no other support. Post 7/80 there was no more motor mounts on the bellhousing but a crossmember that went between the frame rails and supported the transmission.
Thank you Living in the Past.
I was having no luck searching for this, and was begining to travel down a road of doubt. My only other reference is a local guy's South American bj40. It might be post 7/80.

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