Transmission Problems?????

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Apr 6, 2008
Well fairly new 1997 fj80 to me. So when i bought the truck the previous owner said the tranny chattered sometimes when i was put in reverse. I call it SLIPPING. It seems like sometimes when under load it slips only in reverse. So either when its put in reverse and try to back it up a hill or when i have a trailer attached to it.. The Fluids were flushed recently and they are at appropriate levels. I hate the thought that i possibly need to replace the tranny and not ready to dump 3k into the tranny cus i still haven't paid off the truck first. If its an internal prob anyone got any clues on what it is???? Thanks
I have exactly the same problem only i reverse, and my transmission has been rebuilt 10000 miles ago, but I started noticing it a month after I had the rebuilt with 2000 miles on it.

In my case, when I reverse in a medium or very steepy place, it starts slippering, doesn't matter how hard I accelerate, sometimes, it suddenly grabs and start reversing very violently, sometimes I have to press the brake, wait for two seconds and try againg, then it grabs correctly. It happens specially when the fluid is cold.

It's a very strange thing and I was going to ask as well if somebody had a similar issue. Since it's just been rebuilt, I thought it could be normal, but I can't tell for sure, cause you know sometimes the rebuild has not been well done.

Any other feedback?
Do a search gents, this has been covered previously. I have had the same issue for the last 65k miles. I anticipate an issue, especially when I back up a steep surface or if I have my trailer attached and I will but the truck in 4LOW and I don't seem to have an issue when I plan ahead. I seem to remember someone who posted a TSB from Toyota regarding this. I think one member also ended up swapping out his tranny b/c of this.
reverse slipping

I have the same issue 96 LX 450 with 133k on it. According to some previous threads on the issue it is a design flaw in the a343 tranny that was eventually corrected. refer to

I'm currently hunting for a newer a343 to swap in, but in the meantime will just try to stop getting into situations where I have to reverse up an incline.
The design flaw is a theory based on some upgrades that was done to the A343 between '96 and '97.

Supposedly only the late '97s have all the upgrades, but any '97 should have at least some of the upgrades, yet still the problem.

Makes me wonder if there is more too it. I have the same issue in my '95.

I haven't fully tested this, but I'm wondering if the problem relates to shifting and then adding gas too quickly. It's still a major defect, but I has anyone tried to see if they can shift into reverses, then wait a few seconds and then reverses under a load and see if the problems persist?

Does the 343 have a reverse solenoid that could be going bad? I'm just wondering if there are other issues other than the before mentioned upgrades?
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