transmission input seal

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Dec 14, 2011
1997 landcruiser

1) removed the transmission & oil pan to fix leaks
2) pulled out torque convertor to get to the front tranny seal
3) removed the seal

I see a small hole as shown in the pictures. The hole is not perfect (kind of jaggered edges, I would think a machined hole would look much better!)
However right under the hole is a perfect tube .. looks like a tube
with perfectly round surface. I think it is a return path for the oil but I am not positive.

Is this normal? I do not want to put the new seal in, get everything all back together and pull the transmission again!
When I pulled the torque convertor out, there was no oil around the inside surface of the tranny ... so that tells me the hole is probably built in, else I would see oil everywhere.

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