Transmission drain bolt thread size

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Feb 26, 2004
OK, so after searching all over the net and on here, I find one single post that says that the transmission drain plug size is M10x1.5 on a '97 FZJ80.

I'm getting conflicting info from the dealer that the plug might actually be M12x1.25?

Edit: This would be for a A343, 95+. I think the older trannys have a larger plug, at least according to the dealer.
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Well then I will expound on my reply. When the question was asked I went and took the plug out of my 1997 A343F transmission pan and measured it. It is M10x1.5 with a 14mm head. So that is all I can attest to. It will now be up to others to help with the conflicts.

I just picked up a spare plug from the dealer and you are absolutely correct.

It is a M10x1.5 ..... which is pretty darn small.

Sorry for doubting you.

BTW, the only gauge temp sensor in that size that I could find after several days of internet searching and visiting a major instruments wearhouse and other research is VDO part no. 323-091 For their 150-400F trans gauge. There are no adapters that fit. The thread size is just to small.
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