Trailer Wiring help needed

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Jul 27, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
I hooked the cruiser to the boat to test out the wiring. I swear it worked fine last year. But now it has issues:
  • Right turn blinker will blink BOTH trailer lights :doh:
  • Left turn blinker will blink Left good, and every 5-6 seconds blink the Right turn signal too. :eek:
  • Trailer lights are good and wired correctly per the prior 3 vehicles I've tested it with, and my other tow van.
  • Lights on the cruiser work fine :)
I traced the cruiser wiring back to this box where 5 wires come in and 4 go out.


The same problems were found here while testing with lights. Could this be bad or is there a bigger problem here? If this is bad, what is it called so I can order another.
Time for a new tailight converter. Any trailer, boat place or local auto

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