Trailer brake controller - brake switch wire?

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Feb 1, 2016
Rowlett Texas USA
2001 100 series

Sanity check me please. Trailer brake controller red wire should be connected to green with white stripe at the tail lamp/brake light switch? This is how I have mine connected, it’s soldiered, I just inspected this connection and all appears well. *plan on checking voltage readings with DVM tomorrow, but it’s cramped quarters trying to acces and troubleshoot this so wanted to run this by the community in advance.

I’ve had a trailer brake controller for ~7 years now, did the install myself. Recently pulling the trailer it seemed like it wasn’t braking when I pressed the pedal, and it wasn’t.

My brake controller has troubleshooting mode, and when looking at brake pedal active it’s showing around 6 volts. Seems low…. Contacted brake controller manufacturer and yup, it would need to see at least 8-9 volts to activate. Controller appears to be healthy…
Controller sees 12-14 volts at other function tests.
Manual override on controller works fine, can lock all 4 trailer tires if I want to.

Caveat…. I did install LED tail lamps a couple years back. Also had to install special relay to slow down pulses on turn signals, could that have f’ed it up?

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