Trail Ride

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Jan 7, 2006
Guys I am going to have to postpone the trail ride until possibly the 4th
There is no way that I can finish my junk until then.

Also :princess: is going out of town that day and wants me to give her a ride to the airport.

Not only are my rear springs junk but one of the spring pins is bent and my pinion bearing has way to much play in it to be safe.


Spring pin or frame pin?? Your spring pin gets tossed with the old springs, no? I probably have a serviceable frame pin if you need, call me.

You've probably been running that pinion bearing like that for years... cmon let's go. :flipoff2:
Keep us updated on the plan here, PJ.

Would be good to get settled on the date sooner than later (to give people the opportunity to include it in their schedules).

My suggestion would be to go ahead with it whenever a majority of people will attend on whatever date (rather than holding off for one person who can't make it). My goal is to have MORE events (so whoever can't make it can just hit the next one) rather than pushing them back indefinitely till "everyone" can play (and then only one person ends up coming anyway!).

I can make it whenever--no specific weekend obligations in the near future except the following Sunday (11th) is Mom's day... so that's probably tough for a lot of people.
Spring pins and a frame pin
The 4th will pobably have to do
It is also my birthday.
Ed I will need that frame pin if you have one.
leases call for me handing over 4 spaces on the 5th. so we'll see. my phone and security backbone is way behind due to meh-hee-co.
PJ--I didn't find the frame pins last night: they could be at my storage garage or even in my mum's garage where i started the SOA. Will let you know if i find em, but (sorry) not so sure now.
False alarm on the frame pin!
Spring pins are bad on the springs that tom gave me.
should be going back together tonight or tomorrow.
This weekend is going to be pushing it.
False alarm on the frame pin!

Oh good... been too rainy & cold for the motorcycle, & would rather minimize driving the truck all over town w/ gas $$!

This weekend is going to be pushing it.

Ok, keep us updated. For me personally, you can even call last-minute this weekend if you wanna do something local; nuthin important goin on for me. :steer:

PJ: you wanna suggest a specific date/time/location if you're still willing to orchestrate? We've got the 3rd-4th, 10th (11th is Momday), and 17th-18th remaining if we wanna get somethin in before the next meeting *(hint: we do!).

Anyone who's interested in going... state your preferences or constraints on the dates I mentioned before he posts or forever hold your peace (well... forever till planning the next run ;) ).
Also (PJ) if plans dont look like they'll work out with your connections for the spots you mentioned, let us know...

Maybe we can just hit Beaverrun to get us off the ground--that should be easier to plan as no dependencies on others for access.
Helloooooooo..... is there anybody out there?

anyone... actually... want... to.... go.... WHEEEELIN?!?

CMON PEOPLE! It may be hard to remember that far back, but... it's FUN!


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