trail clean up day

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May 30, 2007
Paola KS
tuttle and Kan Rock
trail clean up this sat. the 12th
any one going to be at one or the other
I might be able to do KS Rocks.
I went to K-Rocks. Really wasn't as muddy as one woulda thought. Purdy clean too. Sorry fer not lettin ya'll know bout the clean-up but, been busy with M&D an gettin the rigs up ta snuff. Now Dad is back in hospital. His left leg is broken just above the artifical knee. Took Mom to Dr. on Tues. She has inflamed tendons in right leg. Prolly from tryin to help Dad up. Getin old appers to suck... Prolly won't hear from me any time soon.
C Ya, Don

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