traction bar

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Jul 18, 2003
South Hadley mass
I just put 38 swampers ,flipped the rears now do I need a traction bar in the back or will I be all set.No highway driving around town and wheeler, also what gears would suit this kind of driving 488 or 456.
You're still SUA, right? It wouldn't hurt anything, but I don't think axle wrap is going to be a major concern. I would go with 4.88.
SOA? wrap bar yes SUA? don't need one

Stay with 4.11s for a wheeler, for strength, get gearing elsewhere.
I have 4" Alcan springs in the rear (SUA), and I need to build a traction bar. These springs flex great, and I do get axle wrap. I say drive it and see if you have an issue.

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