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Jan 2, 2009
i have an 01 taco 3.4 check engine light came on went to local auto zone TPS sensor, TPS sensor circut A were the two codes. what i need to know is ... can i just remove the old one and replace it with ease of is there a bunch of stuff that is going to fly apart when i pull it out. also do i have to reset anything i usually try to do my own work for obvious reasons this is my first newer vehical and have not run across this yet. any help would be greatly app. thanks


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Nov 21, 2006
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I'm hoping that somebody with more knowledge than I replies here..:doh:
Luckily I don't have my Toyota service engine lights coming on... this is a never ending story though with the Chevy I have... it will set a code, which may or may not be the specific problem part as well, and then the service engine light may even go out in a few many starts etc. I have taken my chevy in and they can't find anything wrong but the light comes and goes.

I assume a Toyota perhaps like a GM will need their code reader to find and reset codes that are set. I believe that a code can be set and may either not be able to be reset right away or it can be reset and might run fine for a while again.
If you buy your own electronic part such as a TPS sensor I assume it is yours if you take it out of its wrapper whether it fixes your problem or not.
Perhaps this is a give up sort of approach but when it comes to service codes,sensors and cpu's in a car I'm not that confident to just start swapping parts. Hopefully a TPS can be bench tested as I just think you monitor it's variable resistance with an accurate digital testmeter and see if there are any positions where it varies high or low. A poor connection in the circuit may be a higher probability. just my 2 cents

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