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Jul 9, 2004
Montgomery Co. TEXAS
copy of email from Toyota to TLCA;

All you high mileage Toyota Truck Owners may want to check this site out

Toyota has launched a brand new Web site ? not to promote a new model, but
in this case to celebrate the durability and longevity of Toyota trucks in
general. The site, Toyota Truck Nation, is a special place on-line for
Toyota pickup owners to share their stories, post a picture of themselves
and their truck, learn about upcoming truck events, and get recognized for
racking up the miles. If you are a high mile Toyota Truck owner, along the
way to the coveted 200, 300, or 400 thousand mile mark on the odometer
you?ve racked up a lot good stories, stories that demand to be shared . .
. and helping you to share those stories is the mission of the new Web
site. Be sure to check it out at, and don?t
forget to post a photo of you and your high mileage truck!

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