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Mar 8, 2011
So I've been home from my costal trip for a whole 4 hours...aaaand I've bought another truck.
I'm handing over the brown cruiser tomorrow and I have been looking for a toyota pickup for a while to use as a backup/runaround/dd. I was looking for a 2wd but was willing to go for a 4x4 if it was a good deal.
Well I found this listed on usedvic, it was 5 mins away so I went to check it out.

Now apparently I'm buying it. It's an '88, 22re 5 speed with 306k on it.
It has seen some pretty poor maintnece, needs a lot. ball joints, timing cover seals, some exhaust. And some body parts. Also needs a really good cleanup.
Anyway the good thing is it's all there. Still has all the interior, mudflaps, nice tailgate. Box has some rust on the passenger side, but the cab is good and the frame is MINT.
So anyway... Another can of worms to crack open.
Jan 29, 2014
Metchosin, Vancouver Island, BC
What a coincidence, just picked up a super cheap 87 literally two nights ago. Same engine, 260k, similar shape too, all there but needs a lot of work. Good to have something other than the 42 that I don't have to worry about bashing around. Let me know how it goes!

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