Toyo Open Country C/T for 100 series. C rated commercial grade

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Jan 31, 2018
I've been looking for tire deals and came across this Toyo C/T at a good price in 275/85/16 for my 100 series. It's kind of interesting, but there isn't much info out there.

Apparently they list it as a commercial grade, yet it's C-rated in this size while most smaller are E rated. Supposedly it's more popular in Canada and they tout the winter performance. The tire is 3PMSF and pre-drilled for studs, which I would like when I move to CO since my 98 doesn't have VSC and I hear its not amazing on snow. Their description gives it their best rating for tread life, which I found interesting for a tire compound geared toward snow, though there isn't a warranty.

It seems like an odd tire in some ways. I would think a few of those points are almost contradictory. But I like the look and price. I'm not sure what I think about a C-rated tire, but maybe that would help with some of the ride quality issues normally associated with commercial grade.

Any thoughts or experience?
Edit: I put my purchase on hold. Still trying to decide.

Edit2: I ended up getting it after starting another thread in the 100 forum that was then moved here. So that's why it looks like a double post. Got the guidance I needed in a few hours though, which was great.
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