Tow strap rating questions

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Mar 25, 2019
I have a 99 LX that I'm taking offroad to do some camping with the family. I don't have the funds for a bumper and winch (nor can I really justify it later since I don't plan on wheeling it THAT hard) I've thrown around the idea of a hidden winch setup eventually though....anyway I was trying to put together a setup to take with us so I could get us unstuck since I'm travelling alone with wife and 2 kids. I have a 20ft tow strap rated to 6000 lbs , a come along rated at 8000, and another strap rated at 6500. All this is the working load ratings. Also a 3/4 shackle. I was thinking if I doubled over the 6k rated tow strap I should be good since that effectively doubles the rating.

I know this isn't ideal, but what are y'alls thoughts on this setup used to winch the LX out of a mud hole or whatever slowly with that come along? I wouldn't use that tow strap as a snatch strap just slowly drag the truck a few feet with the come along, or have someone else slowly drag me out with their truck. I know there isn't much safety factor, but realistically for someone who is only going to be doing light wheeling 3 times a year (maybe having to pull myself out of a mud hole during hunting season) would I be fine with these straps?
Don't know much about East Coast mud, but seems like that should be fine loadwise unless maybe you are stuck in a bottomless mud hole to your doors, and what are the chances of that (so say the West coast guys... :) ) ? I would, however, not count on the doubling up, because that still leaves the come along rating (which I would think for most is vastly overoptimistic) and also would limit your chances of getting a good anchor point. As in is it obvious you can find a tree or big rock within 20 yards of your mudhole? Unless you have a suitable mobile anchor.
But maybe more to the point, you already have all that and it's vastly better than not having anything with you. So take it all with you, and the chances of not being able to extract yourself are lower than for many people out there already. Chances of being seriously stuck would be small, especially if there are other vehicles in the area, and if not potentially life-threatening (take food and water with you) then enjoy the adventure...
20 feet is significantly less than two car lengths. Even before you consider how much length might be used up by attaching to whatever you anchor too. For what you are talking about doing a better solution than a pair of light weight "tow" straps, would be a 100 foot piece of synthetic winch line and a few minutes perusal of some goggled info on knot types and usages.


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