Tow capacity?

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Mar 20, 2008

I did quickly look through the FAQ but couldn't find this topic listed.
I'm looking at getting an imported '92 (or '93) diesel cruiser, but i want to know how much it was rated to tow from the factory.

Any ideas?
Mud Welcome :flipoff2:

US cruisers (gas anyway) are rated at 5000 lbs. I don't know if diesels are the same or not. You might want to post this question in the diesel section also.
Cool, that helps.
I've got an offroad buggy that i'll need to tow around, it weighs approx. 3000 pounds, add the weight of the trailer, and i'm approaching the max limit. As long as the diesel can pull as much or more than the gasser (which seems reasonable) then i'll be ok.
I routinely tow a trailer that was originally weighed with equipment at 3500 lbs. It's got more in it now. My '94 gets it there...not fast mind you, especially up hill, but I get there! I agree, I think a diesel would probably be better!
I would be more concerned about the braking that the pulling when getting close to the 5000 lbs total trailer plus cargo weight.
I don't know why but JDM HJ81s are rated much higher than US gassers. (7700lbs I think)

IIRC the same truck we have here in the states is rated for 7500lbs in the ROW! God damn lawyers.:censor:
Well, whatever trailer i end up with sill have electric brakes on it, i'll probably opt for brakes on both axles actually. That way, if the brakes ever get soft on the LC, i can use the trailer to stop itself and the tow vehicle. :D

I stopped by a couple RV dealers on my way home from work, and they both offer tent/pop-up trailers with brakes as well.
I think the folks at also offer brakes on their's as well, and they are one option i have been looking at also. (For camping, not pulling my buggy.) ;)

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