Tough steering

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Mar 26, 2017
Anaheim, CA
Been using the search feature here for help regarding the tough steering on my 93 FZJ80.

I have driven a few other 80’s and it’s much easier to steer them than mine.

I believe the steering box was replaced in the last 30k Miles.

Harmonic balancer is torqued to 304 ft lbs per spec.

No leaks in the steering system.

Played with the adjustment screw on top of the steering box.

What can be causing the tough steering?

mine had been tight/heavy. I just got a new PS pump when the former died hoping things will get lighter. It stayed pretty much the same :(
Too much Caster correction? Just throwing it out there. 🤔

My 80 sits on 33” tires with Dobinsons stock height suspension. Control arms have stock bushings. Caster should be within normal specs.
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