Too much coolant? (CEL)

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Apr 13, 2010
Finally purchased a Fzj80 (96)- well maintained, excellent condition, etc... I will create a thread with pictures soon. It was/is running perfect... smooth idle, acceleration, cruise between 65-75, no problem. Until last night after I filled up the coolant, 20 minutes later the CEL light came on... throwing a P0171 code (system too lean).

I realized I filled the coolant reservoir up too much- almost to the top- could this cause the code or is it just a coincidence?

This morning when I took off the radiator cap (cool engine) a bit of coolant came flowing out.

The guy at Autozone said it could be caused from the fuel level being lower than usual, always keeping the tank topped off and in this case I let it get below half-talk. In retrospect this theory doesn't make much sense.

I've owned the vehicle for two days, 120 miles.

Again, it's still running perfectly normal no changes except for the CEL being on.

Any help?

The lean condition has nothing to do with your coolant, unless you have a blown headgasket and then coolant can have something to do with a myriad of problems.
Yes, I don't think there are any coolant/head gasket problems.

I just checked the air intake hoses- no cracks, all is secure.

I do notice a slight gurgle/rumble when I pull the throttle (to rev the engine) with my hand, this noise comes from the back of the engine by the firewall. Is this normal?

There is a loud hissing lasting about 5-10 seconds when I remove the gas cap. Is this expected?

-Perhaps I didn't tighten the cap enough when I took it off?

Update: After filling up the tank and putting in Lucas cleaner, I disconnected and reconnected the battery cable as advised by the Autozone guy who read the code. CEL is gone for now.

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