Too Many Choices...


Aug 6, 2004
Houston, Texas for now - Romance, MO soon!
I know...first world problems.

It did used to be easier, back in the day!

So I need a new set of tires for my 100 series.

It has a 2" OME lift amd 1" Bora spacers with factory wheels.

My duty cycle consists mostly of this: 725 miles of highway from Houston to the Ozarks. Then 3 miles of gravel to my gate, then 1 to 3 days of trail driving on my rocky and mostly never muddy property with some hills (up to 300 feet elevation change). Hauling feed, firewood, a dead animal here and there.

Some pretty nasty, run-off created ruts with sharp rocks pretty much everywhere.

Current tires are 295 75 16 Nitto Terra Grapplers. They have 53,000 miles on them and are getting long in the tooth. No flats with them in 15-20 trips to Missouri, and they still have decent tread, believe it or not. Just not sure I want to continue to push my luck.

I would have purchased a set of 295 75 16 BFG AT KO if they were available (had a set on an 80 series and liked them fine). They are on national back order.

My duty cycle says (I think) that good highway manners are needed, along with a tough tire that can handle sharp rocks and ruts. No wimpy sidewalls!

What would you get?

Thanks in advance for you thoughts,

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