To Tube or not to tube???

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It feels good to be lost in the right direction.
Aug 25, 2009
Westminster, MD
Whats up guys??? :cheers:I had a problem with the Stan's valves tearing away from the rest of the strip. anyone else have this issue? I didnt know if the bike shop I had put the Stans on over tightened the nut holding valve in place or what??? Debating weather or not to stay tubeless... I love the benefits and overall ride...The part I cant get over is having to seal a bead on the trail.... IMPOSSIBLE... anyone know any tricks I dont???
X1,000,000,000 on ghetto. DO IT NOW. If you burp the tire in the bush, just wipe the remaining Stan's on the entire bead with your finger and then air up. Shake and rotate and lay each side down for 5 min. Ride away.

Carry a tube if you are a hopeless case, like a torn sidewall etc.

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