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Feb 15, 2020
So I've had my 80 since February. I also have a Tacoma on 35's and previously a Jeep on 35's so fitting tires isn't a new thing to me. I came across a sweet deal on some 355/70/17 Toyo AT's and picked them up today. The previous owner said he installed a 2.5" inch OME lift and by the measurements it seems to be right. I have a 30 mm front spacer on order that I plan on installing when it arrives (as well as switching the springs driver/passenger because PO put them in backwards and I lean towards the driver side now). My plan right now is to put the new tires which measure roughly 36" tall and 13.5" wide on my stock Tacoma wheels which are 7.5" wide. My question to you guys is do you think the tires will fit with the ~3.5" suspension up front and 2.5" in the back, and what size wheel spacer I'd need to use to push the tires out as the stock Tacoma wheels have too much backspacing? Also will a tire shop even mount that wide of a tire on that narrow of a wheel? It has an ARB bumper up front that I just installed (no winch) but that did not seem to change the suspension height at all. I've searched but haven't been able to come up with a good answer as this is a unique tire size.
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Mar 11, 2006
I don't know the answer and I'm not going to tell you that search is your friend. However, review some of the threads in the 80 series FAQs on the subject. Start there.

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