Tire inflation tool mod for electric compressors

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Sep 19, 2007
Washoe Valley NV
After modifying my Q-Maxx to use standard hose fittings and inflators, I found I had a problem. Most inflators close when they are detached from the valve stem, driving the hose pressure up to the failure point when the hose is already hot. There is an easy fix for this if you use this type of inflator:


This one can be modified to where when you pull it away from the valve stem, compressor air escapes out of the nozzle. All you need is crazy glue. Note this will not work with the type that has a hand valve.

First remove one nozzle cap with a flat blade screwdriver, remove the rubber washer and the two metal cones:


When you are inflating the tire, the valve stem forces the cones together and against the opposite washer, sealing shut the unused side of the inflator but allowing air to pass in to the stem side. Before the modification, when you pull the inflator away from the valve stem air pressure will force the cones apart and drive them into the rubber washers on both sides, preventing air from escaping. This is fine if you have an air tank with a pressure switch, but is a problem for the simple DC compressors like the Q-Maxx.

Now crazy glue the two cones back to back. The cones pictured here are out of a different inflator. Let the glue set up for a while so it does not contact the rubber washer.


Now reassemble. While the inflator is pressed onto the valve stem, everything works as before. When you pull the inflator away, the glued together cones don't seal shut so air can still pass through.

Why did I do this? The Q-Maxx uses a threaded inflator, which is great for getting up to nearly the right pressure without sitting there holding the inflator. However, if I am just adding a couple of pounds, the threaded inflator is a pain, and also it can't reach the stems on my tractor. Because I put standard air fittings on the compressor, I can quickly switch from one inflator to the other.


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