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Mar 25, 2005
Central valley (Cali)
i am running pereli ? scorpian ats on my fj i want sothing better offroad that air down good....is anyone running swamper ltb's 34x10.50-15s or 16s?

or the narrow super swampers 34x 9.5-15?

We need more information to help you. Do you care more for wheeling performance or on street comfort? The LTBs ride like crap on road but will hold up better than a radial wheeling.

What you really need to decide is if you are willing to make a compromise when it comes to street performance. Radials are much more comfortable on the street and bias perform much better wheeling. Make a choice what matters to you more.

After losing three radial mud tires to sidewall damage I went bias IROK and will never look back.
I'm not sure i'll ever decide what tires i'm gonna go with. At 150.00 a pop (I'm gonna buy 5) you would like to get it right. Personally I bought my 40 to take on trails, mostly rock gravel some dirt, and river crossings but iwill drive it a good deal in town too. I'm leaning heavily toward the swamper tsl radial in 33x10.50 or 12.50 (see still unsure). i plan to air down on the trails but still will see enough pavement to justify the radials. Just my opinion and I'm still open to suggestions. Good luck.
If your rear fenders are cut then go with the 12.5's. I ran SS radials for years and liked them .


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