Timing tape on a 3FE

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Feb 24, 2005
I was flipping through the Jegs catalog and saw "timing tape". You stick it on a harmonic balancer to adjust the timing.

Has anyone ever used one? I know I would have to fab a pointer. It seems like it would be fairly straight forward. I would just have to measure the crank pulley and make sure I get the right tape.

I have tried to set the timing on my 3FE and it is almost impossible to see, much less make fine adjustments. Plus, I would like to know exactly what my timing is set at and not just near a BB on the flywheel.


MSD 8985 - MSD Timing Tapes
I found an easy way. Get a mirror and a shop light. The mirror I use is a 3 inch or so inspection mirror. Adjust the mirror so you can see the teeth of the flywheel. The light just makes them easier to see. Turn off the shop ligh. Fire it up and look for the timing marks in the mirror with the timing light aimed at the flywheel not the mirror. I figured this out after about an hour of jacking around with trying to find a line of sight.

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