Tie Rod end replacement

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Oct 23, 2006
The Last Best Place
What's the correct factory adjustment for the tie rod that connects the center arm to the outer passenger tie rod? Is it a bad idea to adjust the steering box to get rid of excessive play in it? Thanks.
The factory setting is what ever length is required to give full travel in both directions when steering left and right.

Are you sure that the play is in the steering gear and not the bell crank out by the front of the frame? Those are common source for slop in the steering system.
I'm not quite sure what you mean by bell crank, but I can see play in all my tie rod ends except 1, the center arm, and the steering box has about 2 inches just from it at the steering wheel.

Funny thing is, when I removed the tie rod from the drivers side the hub naturally centers itself. You can turn it right or left, but when you get around center it sort of snaps in place. I'm wondering if this is the birfield, or the knuckle bearings. The recircurculating ball doesn't have any grooves in it I can tell that would cause this.

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