Thule/Yakima Cargo Carrier Off Road Question

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Nov 6, 2006
Boulder County, Colorado
I have this old Thule Cargo Carrier and am planning on using on my RR to carry my OzTent and curious if anyone has had any issues off-road with them coming loose or breaking apart? If so, any suggestions on securing them? Any pix of your set-up?

WMCCTF FJ60 updates 016.jpg
WMCCTF FJ60 updates 015.jpg
I have done some mild off roading with my Yakima space case, which has the clam shell cam locks, secured to the oem cross bars with no problems.
I have an older Thule Summit. It was kept mounted on the previous owner's 80-series for years. I use it for trips, and tailgating. Though it's faded from uv, the hinges, locks and overall structure is fine. The plastic is flexible and I do wonder how well the new glo$$y-finished versions with hardware that opens on either side hold up.

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