throttle cable lube?

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Sep 28, 2004
Norwich, VT
The throttle cable on my '94 with 160K miles has some wear/damage to the cable housing wear it rides across the engine bay.....I was experiencing a sticking that wasn't dangerous but I let off the gas I would have to pick up the gas pedal with my toe to get the truck to idle below 1100 rpm.....I lubed the cable by spraying the area of cracked housing and that seems to work as a temp measure but is there a way to easily remove the wire core (like you would for a bicycle cable) and thoroughly lube it? Cdan will likely end up providing the end all solution but as an interim measure I'm wondering if anyones familiar with what I'm talking about.....I did a search that came up pretty empty so if you know of something or remember a thread covering this I would appreciate some guidance/reference.


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