thoughts on this cruiser

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Seem's to be a fair deal, I wouldn't run from it anyway. It doesn't have lockers, but that may not bother you. Body seems straight enough, does the roof have paint issues. Do the birfs look goopy (tech term)? Has the front axle been serviced? Head gasket? Service records? If not I wouldn't be afraid to offer a lower price.
My $.02
The seller has it posted on here too, for 3500 I believe. I have seen it in person - it was at a restaurant I stopped at. It is pretty dirty on the inside, and something is missing/broken around the steering column. Like stated above, it is unlocked as well. I wanted lockers when I got mine, and I searched for a long time for a good deal. There is another one posted in Dallas today on craigslist - dont know your budget, but maybe check this one out too. 94 LANDCRUISER

Good luck!
the price is nice. i would find out what code it's throwing and check the birfields.
No roof rack is a plus in my book. If you can take care of all the PM yourself it seems pretty reasonable. Get a new steering wheel from Shane here and shampoo the carpet. $3500 sounds fair.
I own same year with identical color interior, green exterior. What concerns me is there's lots of interior & exterior, but no pics of engine compartment or underneath (suspension views). Interior looks very used and not well cared for which may indicate similar trends on vehicle maintenance. Just beware! Seller may just be giving a diversion with the carpet pics. I'd guess that the CEL is an 02 code: 28 or 21 - '94s are infamous for them. Good luck!

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