Thoughts on Pitbull Maddog

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Sep 22, 2008
Bentonville, Arkansas
Anybody running the Pitbull Maddog bias ply? The 39x14.50-16 is only around $265-270. Anyone?
I run the 39x14.5-17 version on my FJ40 them :) They've been on over a year...great traction and they've held up well.

Not sure I'd run them on the road tho....doubt they would last long...
So they are trail only tires on your 40 right? Yeah I was thinking about DDing them. I know a radial will last longer on the road, but for the price the 39x14.50 Maddog is an incredible deal. But man they are so bubble-ish. Treadwidth is 10.6" on the 16" and 17" size, but the section width is 15.30" on the 16" and 14.25" on the 17". Both weigh 83lbs. Did you go with the 17" because of the skinnier section width?

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