This saturday????5 April

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Feb 19, 2008
Philly Cheese Steak....on Saturday at Philly's in Summerville????

I wont be back in town on 19th so was hoping to hook up with a couple Lowcountry Cruisers for a sandwich or ride down a muddy road on Saturday.

If anyone is interested or has a good location....other than Phillys to eat...and then ride...let me know.

Whatever is decided I will update here in this first post so you wont have to read through how ever many posts are added...

im down for anything saturday afternoon or evening workin on the 80 in the AM bleed brakes and what nots to get it DDable
its just rain i can hide under the cruiser while bleedin the brakes eheh cause ill melt im made of sugar haha
come on yall.... ya know you want to join in... i see if any of my off roadin buddies wanna come
well....everyone is saving their kitchen passes for meeting on 19th.... no worries.....i will be at next one and there will be plenty more.

got Tuffy console installed guess next thing now is either a home built rear storage cabinet or check on how much some are already put together like Tuffy and such.
I'd be there, but I'm gonna be spending my weekend in the field with 50 of my favorite Citadel cadets.
BenMara....if things dont get out of hand ...give me a call when you are done if you want to meet. I have to do yard before it starts pouring rain then need to go buy a couple things.....but should be around.

If not...maybe we can try and set something up next month since most have likely made plans since meeting is 19th....

No biggy....I see a lot of FJs running around but none setup for wheeling or anything other than stock so it appears. When I put my IH8MUD sticker on rear quarter window maybe some will see it and start showing up here.
met up with BenMara and his brother at PHILLIES off Ladsen Road....checked out his green beast and ate some good philly steaks. Wish I was going to be available 19th to meet more of you guys...
yall missed some good eats oh checked out the hills wow didnt play saw jonny law drivin around so looks like i wont be seein those hills again but did find a loadin dock to flex the Slee lift gona have to persuade the sheet metal some




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Looks like you guys had fun. Those tires are big ass! Looks like you are going to have to work on that "Function" part of your signature.;)

yea im workin on the function part i wasnt a beleiver of the 6in slee kit bein flexable its a stiff ride IMHO nothin in chas but mudd and i hate mud i spent better half of that evenin pressin washin all the mud from the PO with the help of a back hoe to lift the poor TLC so ididnt have to be on my back as always under the beast
longer bumpstops = lossed up travel
cuttin/hammer ING the sheetmetal = clearance wit uptravel
but then again i dont know many people that would do what i do like this evenin everyone wanted to see how these tires do in the mudd i said no i rather flop it on its side its just sheetmetal
anyway another weekend of workin some kinks out of this beast

here is a pic when the beast met my other wagon
the suby looks scared, I sure am glad I traded my suby years ago for an 80.
I just met dbenke this afternoon(it was a pleasure, Sir:cheers:), and he let me know about the meeting. Unfortunately, I have a prior engagement that I can't get out of. Next time for sure.

Again, it was a pleasure meeting you dbenke. Pull up into my front yard to clean the pollen off the blue 62(it looks green and dirty now:lol:) and he comes walking up to introduce himself. He was just 2 houses down on a job. Charleston's a small world. It was very nice to meet you, David.:cheers:
yea since i now have the 80 the FXT gona be my street machine. Watch out there is a turbo in that wagon, muhaha

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