The heat is on

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Jan 21, 2010
Colorado Springs
Not sure if this is normal or not. The heat continues to blow (ever so slightly) even when the "off" button is pushed. It doesn't officially shut off until I put it on "recirculate".

Is that normal? Just thought I'd ask before tearing things apart. I tried searching for it but most things that came up were not related.

Anybody have a used ECT and CDL switch they want to sell? I could also use some hood shocks for less than $160+ each that the dealer is asking. Lucky my head wasn't in there when it came down.

its normal although I wish it wasn't
Mine does that as well. I call it the super low setting. Is it still blowing warm with the slider set cool? typically I have set to cool & off if I want no heat. I did check the cable adjustment and mine was dead on.
Both my 80's do this and my 07 FJC. I am now conditioned to hit the recirc button
Just imagine being a blend door, within an air box, that is constantly getting pounded by outside air, all the time.

I'd be worn out too. You can put new foam on the blend doors.
Mine does it too.
Check the FAQ on adjusting the water control valve. That might be partially contributing to the problem.

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