Terrible Noise Need Advice

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Apr 8, 2009
I have a 92 fj 80 and it is making a noise in the front end when I am going and turn the wheel. It is a popping noise. I have ordered a service manual for it and im going to wait on it before I tear down the front axle. Any ideas on what it could be?
Sounds like it is time to rebuild the front axle. Thousands of posts here on the subject - I believe someone sells a DVD of the job. Also Find CDan of American Toyota in the vendor section as he will sell you all of the parts you need at way better prices than your local Toyota dealership. Welcome to Mud - you have found the right place to ask your questions.
Sounds like it could be a worn (and/or) dry birfield.
A well known issue on the 92 and older models are stripped drive plates, which there's plenty of material here about. Makes a horrible noise at first, in later stages feels like transmission is slipping along with the noise.
If you strip a drive plate, you aren't going anywhere. (Doug- Not meaning to sound like a douche, thats just my experience. :) ) So if you are still moving WITHOUT the CDL locked then its just your birfs needing attention. Welcome. :flipoff2:

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