Temp gauge mod.....what did I do wrong?

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Feb 25, 2007
Colorado m'fing Springs!
I perfromed RT's temp gauge mod this past week and finally got it buttoned upo and went for a drive to the lake. Thought all was going well as it was pegged cold on start up then slowly started to creep up. I stopped for gas and while it was ideling i noticed the gauge stopped a little below middle, figured this was a more "accurate" reading.

Get back on the road and about 5 miles later notice the gauge is what im going to call "resetting" it self to cold. I say reseting because it didn't fall down to cold, it went violently back to cold, not a slow movement.

The next dance of the needle was raising from cold to a little below middle then reset back to cold, never staying in the middle or higher for longer than a few seconds. At this point i know i screwed something up and will be pulling out the dash again:bang: but would like to know what to look for. I double and triple checked that i put the right resistor in the right spot, unless one is bad. Unlike diodes, Resistors are non-directional right? Also i did order two sets of resistors JIC.

Any ideas are appreciated:cheers:
Its a bad weld...er solder.

X2. Make sure your solder are clean, hot, and smooth. Mine was acting like what you described, then I went back, removed the gauge, de-soldered the resistors, re soldered them back in and everything is working fine.

Make sure your soldering iron tip is clean and hot.
I thought my soldering skills were decent but i fail...im just glad you have to take everything off to get to it again, yeppie!
Will post results, thanks guys
Easy fix...the screws holding the temp piece on were loose and not making good contact. thanks for the help guys

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