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Dec 21, 2006
spring, tx.
Just want to say thanks to Buck, Tim, and the rest of the TLCC-Houston gang that showed up for our tech day yesterday. We did a Phh-ectomy on my rig, ran a piece of 5/8" Gates greenstripe hose all the way up after removing the pipe that the short PHH used to connect to. Also put a section of 1" greenstripe around the 5/8" to act as a protective sleeve. After the PHH we did a thorough coolant flush( looks like the PO mixed green and red :eek: ). After finishing that up, we found that my AC belt was loose, no problem we'll just tighten the adjustment bolt....after a few turns the bolt snapped :doh: . Calls to all the local dealers revealed the $18 bolt is not in stock but a quick trip to Home Depot and an 88 cent bolt had us back in business. Tech question: after tightening up the AC belt, my idler pulley is "wobbling"...the bolt running through the middle of it is snug. Is this a sign of needing a new pulley or is there something else I can tighten besides the 1 bolt running through the middle? Well, as always thanks for everyone's input and the LC community is second to none!


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