Tech Day - April 5, 2008

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Oct 7, 2006
Victoria, BC, Canada
Tech Day

When: Saturday April 5, 2008 Starting at 10am until ?
Where: Ken's shop/backyard (Address on Yahoo site) call 652-7631 for directions.

We'll have the BBQ going with the regular burgs/dogs. Bring your favorite beverage. Bring your regular toolkit that you should have with your truck already. Let me know if there is something out of the ordinary that you'll need. So far I think someone might be doing a knuckle job, Jinzuke might want to do his brakes, perhaps I'll recruit some people to bench-press my trans/tcase back into place. I'll have some diffs apart, maybe a transmission, as my truck is going through phase II. Post up if you want to do a certain task on your truck so I'll know how many spots I'll need to clear in the shop. See you all there!
can i come? :(, im not a member yet since every trail run and meeting falls when i've made previous important arrangements.....
Sure you can come Hector, just give me a call for directions.
I am going to have breakfast 9am @ or near by West building on Keatings with Jason and anyone else who would like to eat and be mery:hillbilly:
Hey Ken... thanks for hosting the day!
yea, thanks man. that was great...we should do those more often
yes thanks ken that was a lot of fun i agree we should do this more often.

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