Tcase pops out low

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Mar 23, 2008
I have a strange problem with my T-case . Dont know when it happened but a few weeks ago I went offroad and with the tcase in low, it pops out immediately after driving away.

After reading some topics some people said it was a linkage problem. Alredy tried but it is not, unfortunately. Pulled the CDL motor out yesterdag to get to the detent spring and ball. But looks all fine and problem is still there. Driving in high gear isn't a problem.

It doesn't look like a common problem, anyone had this before? What could it be?
I think there is nothing else to try then to take it apart...
I had same problem, but it was due to my 1" body lift. First I tried adjusting the linkage, and no luck. Next I added an extension pc to the shifter knob with the thought of moving the shifter further away from console. This was because when off roading, there was sufficient movement between body and TC to cause the shifter to be "bumped" out of position by the console. This helped fix this problem, but shifter is still extremely difficult to get into 4L even with the 4" extension on the shifter. Only conclusion I came to is the boot itself is too "stretched" when in 4L.
Yes thats what i've read in some topics. But this looks like another problem. It shifts in very well, nothing different from standard. I can hear a click when it is engaged. But under load it pops out very hard. Even when I hold it down by hand it goes under high loads.

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