Tail light protection options?

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Jul 16, 2014
Athens, GA
I broke my passenger side taillight today whilst not paying as good of attention as I should have. Are there any decent tail light protection options outside of a bumper with built-ins? I feel like the cage type ones that most Mall-crawlers have are flimsy and do more damage than good in an impact (much like a brush guard). Ideally, I want a bumper but one won't be in the budget for at least 12 more months but would like another option until then or possibly in lieu of. Thanks!
Use forward & avoid backing up at all costs? :meh:

Seriously, seems like Waag was the maker of those fakey screw-ins, aside from that the rear bumpers have quarter panel protection but nothing covers the lens.

Those Waag ones catch more crap than they protect you from. My take.
Yeah that's what I thought too. This might be one of those rare occasions when it'd be nice to have a jeep instead :/
I had some on my 96 that are probably the Waag ones that Linus referred to. They're the type that attach with two screws inside of the rear hatch frame and rest on a rubber pad on the very back of the rear quarter panels. Pretty sure that they were dealer-installed - same type that you'be seen a hundred times on 80s that have never seen a dirt road. I don't recall ever seeing them on a rig that gets dirty, and the only thing that these accomplished was to wear the clear coat in the spots where the rubber pads rested. On a real impact I don't think they do much. In going through brush I would figure that the leading edges would catch and the whole thing would just bend back since its just resting on the side.
Bit of steel pipe has worked well on my oz patrol... unfortunately needs the rest of the steel to tie it all together though :)


The dumb screw on basket things you see will just destroy the body instead if you ever back them into anything. They are another damage multiplier option...

I'll keep mine on forever, as they have saved my lenses a few times. But that was also on dirt-walled trails.

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