Superior Shackles

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Apr 12, 2005
Jonesboro, GA
I have searched and searched and can't find a thing on these superior shackles. I talked to a guy that has them on his 60 and he loves them.

I am wanting to go w/ Skyjacker 4" SUA lift with the superior shackles for the ground clearance and the added articulation. Wanting to run 35 x 12.50s if possible.

Does anybody know how many inches the superior shackles will ad?
Does anybody have them on their rig?

If so, let me know what you guys think.

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500 dollars a pair! ouch... looks like it does hell to your springs and i wouldn't do it to a DD...

good luck man! they do look like they flex crazy
iv seen a heep twist a rear drive shaft cuz shackles, your going to get axle hop i just dont think fot 500 its work it!
explain how flex would twist a driveshaft? and its unwritten code that a trac bar is standard for SOA. Axle hop from shackles? i thought that was more concerning your pinion angle under acceleration changes causing your springs to take the shape of an "S" and causing the rear axle to hop, this can be dealt with using a trac/anti wrap bar, given that it is properly built. as well they used center limiting straps in some of there rigs, i'm guessing because of the rear flex they have gotten - going down a steep incline would cause you ass-end to unload..

but your right fj40onNos "i don't think fot 500 its work it"
bandy rooster said:
explain how flex would twist a driveshaft? and its unwritten code that a trac bar is standard for SOA.
Not true. Toyota trucks & 4-Runners don't use them. It depends on the stiffness of your leaf springs and the weight of your vehicle.
when has a toyota vehicle ever been that lightlol and we're talking 40's here not minitrucks.

well in my honest opinion a trac bar should be there for a lifted vehicle to prevent pinion snap, bending your springs, it also allows more traction and if you wanted you could design you AS to actually lower the vehicle under acceleration.

high-jack over
hey guys,
im keeping it a SUA not an SOA. Don't have a welder and the time for a SOA.
If the superior shackles are a bad idea, should the downey greasable shackles be a better selection. I have these on my 60, the extended 2 1/2" shackles, and these seem to work fine.
Let me know what you guys think of this idea.
i'd probably say 500 dollars could be well invested in your rig for other things... if i lived near you i'd help you do a SOA.
Looks to me like they can unload real quick and put you shiny side down.
Seems to be 500 bucks Austrailia...

I think that is like $2.56 US...

Just kidding, but I don't think we are looking at 500 US?

Rezarf <><

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