Sunroof Blues

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Jun 22, 2018
Houston, TX
Started the long weekend with delusions of grandeur. Hoping after following the FSM and greasing like others have the sunroof will work.

Which mechanism should I focus on that raises the rear edge of the glass to be even with the roof?

Been at it for hours. The first operational test the rear edge went down, glass went halfway back, then stopped. Was exciting for at least a few seconds anyways.


It's a slight gap. Could always shim it in line, disconnect the controller and cut my losses - but then I'd have to admit defeat...
Has the glass been out before? There are factory metal shims that level it (providing the mechanism is working).
I still have the Yota shims on it. It is about an inch gap to makeup. I've never had an operating roof on these trucks, but the rear edge -originally flush with the roof tilted down first before opening.
I have the same issue. Drivers side doesn't raise when closing leaving a gap about and inch wide when closed. I think it's off track, because when I open it the passenger side is the only side moving the glass.
I gave up. Your case might be hopeful after setting it back to alignment.

For whatever reason even after taking the motor & gearing off I had to use vice grips to turn the cam. I was able to set the rails all the way forward, pop the motor in, and man handle the gear box a few more turns to the closed position to raise the rear edge to be flush with the roof.

The 80 sunroof is more mysterious than the Apple Cloud.

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