Sunrise Lake trail maintenance

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Jun 6, 2003
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
I have a favour that I need to ask this club.

Can we get a bunch of volunteers to assist the Herd of Turtles on Saturday, March 14th, do trail maintenance work on the Sunrise Lake trail?

The work consists of cutting back branches, downed trees and so forth.

I ask because we scheduled Corey's memorial the same day and we have cut into the volunteers who would have otherwise been helping.

I screwed up and need your help to fix this.


Here is the info for those who have enquired. Thanks folks!

This will be the task at hand during the usual monthly W Harrison run.
Departing at 9:30 AM from the Sasquatch Inn Parking lot on Hwy 7.


To brush out the Sunrise Lake trail.
Gloves, eye protection (safety glasses), loppers (for trimming branches) and if available pole saw. In addition to appropriate clothing for the day.

No chainsaws required. We have a team set to take care of the few that will be needed cut out of the way ahead of the brushing crews.

The more volunteers the faster this will go. Ideally, looking for 24 volunteers. Thus 6 teams of 4. Should only take a few hours.

Please advise Wes if you intend to attend

Thank you
Kim I'm a little confused on the necessity of this task why do we want the trail wider cleaner more easily accessible for full size trucks??? I'm just not seeing the point of this.
It was member initiated, Brad. Clearing downfall and cutting back growth to maintain the trail. I don't think it will increase the amount of traffic the trail sees. I see no harm here.

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