stuck as a *^$@

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Oct 22, 2008
So I got brutally stuck last weekend doing some back yard wheeling (again- groan) in the yard next to my marina parking lot. Big mud filled hole just the right size to swallow the front half of the 81. We tried to dig, used the high lift and planks, burned out the winch after pulling a Frontier towards the LC and burned the clutch of an F-150 with a snatch strap. Fortunatly the console fridge was full of Red Stripe. The mud line was up to the top of the LF headlight, a DEPO, which is now full of mud. I basically removed the grille and lights and sprayed out all mud including the insides of the front fenders and the radiator etc. (Discovered no rust whatsoever- in fact the thing looks new behind the scenes!) Used a big tow truck and 150 feet of chain to pull her out. Tech question: What else should I check for mud/water intrusion? I cleaned the engine bay and underside thuroughly. Thanks.
pics? just curious where this is.
Depending on how wet the mud was and how long it was submerged, I would look into draining the front axle, and possibley re-packing the birfields.
Depending on how wet the mud was and how long it was submerged, I would look into draining the front axle, and possibley re-packing the birfields.
Good suggestion. That is about all I was worried about. I got stuck in a similar situation a year or so ago and needed a big old Ford back hoe to pull me out. I figured if my wheel bearings looked ok (which they did) the birfs must be ok. You could also stick a screwdriver down the birf inspection hole to get a sample of grease.
what? no pictures....
regrettably the pics show me covered in mud shoveling and drinking with a few 'plumber butt' moments. If y'all can't live without this visual I'll try to post 'em! (lol). Was going to drain the front diff tonight. Just did all the fluids and front axle seals 2 months ago too.
doUh8mud yet? heh. check the diff fluids as mentioned. also might want to look into checking the starter, depending on how deep in the goo you were. mine got all buggered up after my sink in a waterhole at whipsaw (see avatar). didnt affect it immediately, but a few months later. perhaps due to the corrosion etc.

get breathers for all 3 diffs...speaking of, i should put that on my next priority as well.
Found the shots. Was worse than it looks. Check out the moron digging in the mud. Check out the masts of my client's boats in the background. Note I opened the fuel flap/ Air brake in a last ditch effort to stop the 80 before it sank!
Yep- Guess who had the winch cable hooked on the frame tow hook. The wife threw out my shoes after this episode! Firken mud was like cement and the suction was incredible.
Did it sit in there over night?

If not, I would let it sit for a couple of days and crack the diff plug, watch very carefully, if water got in past your seals it will be the first to come out as you loosen it off (assuming you did not take it on a highway run and foam it up). If you just did the front end I think you will be fine. 1-2 feet of water is not generally much of a problem for these trucks (unless they are left submerged for a length of time) Of couse you cleaned in and around your brake rotors, calipers and backing plates.
looks like you had a good time.
That type of mud tends to "suck" the vehicle in, very hard to get unstuck by your own power. :eek:
that is stuck as *^$@!

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