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Mar 5, 2008
Livonia Michigan
Ok For the time being i have a set of bfg km 30x9.5x15 will these fit my stock wheels for my 40? Ive been researching after market wheels and would like to go with the pro comp series 82 white spoke wheels, if not seriers 51 ,Im going to be running a 33 or 35 , the wheel size 15x8 6 5.5 3.5BS, will a 3.25bs give me more room? After all my research i cant seem to find a site with a good price, the best i can find is 81$ a piece with the correct 3.5BS. ive found mutiple site with the wheels but nothing with the right backspacing. I remeber seeing a page were someone had a part # and a web site. That would be greatly apperciated. thanks
thanks im only wondering if 3.75 is to much BS ive heard now from 2.5-3.75 the truck has calipers front and rear if thats makes any difference
Here is my 40 with 30X9.5 Muds on stock rims no lift. Yet....;)
Yea i wish i had my 60 down here , but i dont it up at my cabin , im going up there in a couple weeks, but i want to get these wheels ordered soon. The nomads in the link are a 6" rim width, and the others are a 5 bolt pattern, i talked to discount tire around here today and am going to go up there tomorrow to get a price they said they can order any back space i want, I still really havent gotten a direct answer on the correct back spacing anywhere from 2.5-3.5 as long as i dont go above that im fine im gonna go with 3.25 i dont think i should have any problem with that and a set of 33 or 35s.

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