Steering wheel harmonic balancer mod (1 Viewer)

Sep 2, 2012
Ashland, OR
Okay, I guess this isn't really a "mod" but the LS400 steering wheel I sent off to Craft Customs to replace my wheel came with this extra little weight thing at the bottom of the wheel. I believe the person who originally posted on this forum about ls400 wheel compatibility mentioned something about this weight.

The spot to screw this thing onto our 80s is there but they didn't come with this weight. Odd. As the LS400 was the flagship Lexus luxury sedan back in the day, I'm guessing this weight may somehow dampen road vibrations? At any rate, I installed it with my new wheel and am hereby calling this the "steering wheel harmonic balancer mod" for the ih8mud man who already has everything. :p

In the picture, it's the thing with the "X" on it.


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