Steering box - forgot a ball bearing!

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Aug 15, 2019
New Zealand
So after rebuilding an 80 series steering box and reinstalled it I found a lone ball bearing!

So it must only have 43 balls in there. Is this a problem and should I pull it apart and put the last ball bearing in? Eg will it cause “slop”?

Pain the ass!

Got one in a baggie that I found once I cleaned the drip pan that I pulled the box apart in. Seems to be fine w/o it. 🤔
Yeah it will work w/o all the balls. But it will exhibit a balls worth of 'slop' which could manifest as a tiny dead spot or a few mm of lack of response.
I ran mine missing 3 balls for a little while.
Eventually went with 44120-60180 to replace the balls, power piston, upper valving area, and worm gear w/o having to worry about losing the new balls.

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