Stationary Recumbent - any suggestions?

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Mar 27, 2003
Below the Mackinac bridge
Wife is going (more) crazy not being able to run. She was told biking would be good for her broken foot, but still can't put any weight on it. Any. Every physical therapist we run into suggests things that require weight on the foot, so I'm just clarifying why recumbent. So I suggest recumbent, and wife wants it right now, so I end up getting a cheap azz Pro Form 325 from a big box store, assemble it and run to the airport. Didn't like the Schwinn.

I figured this would placate the wife while I find a better version, but this thing isn't all that bad now that I've tried it out. Should I hate it? I'm kind of worried I'll wuss out and start using it on slushy winter days instead of being a man and going biking outside. It is quiet and does the job, I'm not sure what more the expensive ones can offer that really matters.

Are there great recumbent stationary bikes, or is that the quiche of fitness activities no matter what? Every review of stationary recumbent bikes picks the Schwinn, which is a POS when I looked at one. It has 20 exercise programs, I think that is the thing they like about it.

If that unit works, I'd hang on to it an use it.

To get into something else, you'd be looking at $$$$ for the stuff that is used at health clubs, gyms, etc.

No shame in using that in the winter, rather than riding outside in the crap weather, and getting flattened by somebody texting on their phone.

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