Starter electrical connections

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Sep 18, 2009
Marin County

I'm replacing a broken starter motor on my 1972 FJ40 (F155) with a spare I have and the connections are a little different. The starter I intend to use does not have a terminal for the lead to the coil+ post like the one that I'm replacing. Not sure what to do. Any help is appreciated. I can add pics if that would help.
Don't need that one connected. It is there to give the coil extra voltage at start up during cold weather. The gear reduction starters people often upgrade to don't have them. I am using a regular starter without it connected as well.

If the new starter doesn't have the wire is there a spot to connect one? My new starter did not have one but i could transfer my old one over to it if need be
OK thanks. I remember that now. A little bit of extra juice to the coil while the starter is running.

When my starter broke, it shorted out and burned up. I've visually inspected all the wires, batt cable, and grounds and none of them seem damaged. The replacement starter turns the motor, but for some reason I now have no spark. Trying to figure this out.
can you take a picture of your starter wire hook ups and your coil hookups.

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