SRS codes won't read

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Jul 1, 2011
chattanooga, tn
The airbag light has been beaten to death in this forum, but here's a new one on me - follow FSM instructions to read the code and the CRUISE light flashes...the steady flash of no code stored. I know that it should do that if you connect Tc and E1 right away, but I am waiting well more than the 20 seconds required before connecting Tc and E1. I've tried it with different intervals as well as removing the battery for a while and even disconnecting the SRS computer for a bit. Whenever the key is on, the airbag light is steadily matter what I do (except when I unplug the control module).

I've read the codes before and I have reset them before. I am following the FSM instructions. '95 model. Might be happenstance, but the light came on after I disconnected the battery to install the bumper after fitting an M12000 I rebuilt. In the past, a quick reset and I was good to go...didn't work this time so I tried to check codes.

Now, I am lost and hoping someone has struggled with this issue before. Any pointers?


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