squeak from RR

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Nov 13, 2013
I have a squeak that has become annoying. It's coming from the RR of the truck. It doesn't seem to change pitch with speed, but it does change frequency. So I'm not sure it's related to the rotation of the wheel. (but it could be). It also doesn't happen when the vehicle is sitting still.

I did notice that the other day when I was towing a car hauler with a car on it, it didn't seem to squeak at all.

It does tend to squeak more over rough road, but not a direct correlation.

I've pulled the hub and greased it up good, but that didn't seem to have an affect.

I think I'm going to try and spray the bushings/suspension joints in the back with some sort of lube so I can see if it's the bushings, or maybe an exhaust system mount.

other ideas?

When I had the hub off, I didn't check the emergency brake to see if anything was scraping on the inside of the brake disk/drum there. I also didn't check the anti-rattle clips on the rear caliper. I'll disassemble and check those as well.
Parking brake
Rear shock
Rock in the caliper
Squealer not properly adjusted
Mouse stuck in the window track
parking brake - going to inspect
rear shock - like the shock itself, or the bushing? that will be harder to test, when I rock the truck, it I can't make it squeak.
rock in caliper, don't think so, since I had those off yesterday
squealer not adjusted - the brake pads still have a lot of wear, but I'll check the squealers. I didn't look at that when I had it apart.
mouse stuck in window track - unlikely. the squeak has going on for quite a while, and I expect the mouse would have expired by now.
Rear shock could be the upper bolt, missing rubber bushing, loose bolt on the shock mounting plate.

Lift the truck and let the rear axle hang, but not far enough to be hanging from the shock. THEN wiggle the shock to see if you can find the loose stuff.

I usually find a set of washboard roads that I can drive over to make it repeat to determine that and/or swaying back and forth at 30 MPHish.
thanks, I'll check the shock and rotor tomorrow... it's really rainy today, so probably won't try it...

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