Sqeaky fan belt

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Mar 27, 2003
The fan belts on my truck were changed about a month ago by the PO. They have an audible sqeak which is getting worse. Should I tighten the belts or slacken them off to sort out the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks for any advice, Jim
How much slack to the belts have? Belts will generally seat themselves and need to be re-tightened after some time. Mine started making noise about 150 miles after replacing them. A simple tightening did the trick and my truck is as quiet as can be!
OEM belts? Are the pulleys glazed? If only you had a FSM to check what the proper tension is :) ...if no one gets back to you sooner - I'll look it up tonight for you.
The PO used OEM everything - the belts are fine. I should check for glazing I suppose. It wouldn't hurt of give them a sanding if that's the recommended solution?

Sean, knowing the correct tension wouldn't help 'cos I don't have the SST for shecking the tension. Hmmmm... maybe the fish scales would give enough of a guide..

I have done about 700 miles since the belts were changed and the squeal wasn't there at the start. I rekon that the belts may need tightening. I will do that tomorrow and report back. If anyone else has ideas in the meantime, I am all eyes.
My bet is still on the tension... without a guage to measue, I just gusstimated at 1/4 - 1/2 inch deflection, that got me in the ballpark.

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