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Sep 17, 2004
Marysville CA
I just did a soa on my 73 fj40 but one problem I still have the stock stiring other then high steer arms but the driver front shock hits the stiring linkage when turning to the left. dose anyone know of a fix for this problem? can you just heat up the mount and bend it out a bit like not even 5 degrees or less it just rubs a bit.
Best option:

Power steering conversion, other than a mini-truck style, and hysteer arms.

Good luck!

Well, a redneck way to get around it until you get your power steering is to mount the shock upside down and put a dent in the shock body to clear the drag link.
If it's just barely rubbing on it, I wouldn't worry about it.
I have the same deal.
I put two small bends (one at each end \___/) in the rod to move it closer to the frame..... but it still rubs. My shock body is flat from rubbing on that side, ans probably ready for failure. The bends have not weakened the rod at all, the truck has seen many dificult trail miles without the samll bends causing problems. If it is not interfering very much this might work for you.... or you could move your shock mount further out on the axle tube.....

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